Danni Boutique

Danni’s Boutique is a well established fashion retailer who retail a wide range of apparel, they have become popular through The Only Way is Essex. They required an agency who could harvest their potential from this popular television show. We worked closely with the boutique team to simplify their in-store processes and expand their company to the online market. We delivered a high class e-commerce website, and completed a three-month targeted launch campaign.



Danni Boutique had recently established their physical shop when they wanted to expand into e-commerce. The business needed an online presence to build with their growing popularity and number of orders being requested via the telephone.

Ease of use and efficiency in order processes was a priority. Tracking the potential customer journey and using this to design the navigation and user experience of the site were carefully thought out.

We were able to build a successful store for the business by utilising the most up to date e-commerce conversion techniques. Integrating a live chat system, customer notifications service and effective shipping system was vital. Processing orders from the back end of the website was made to be a two click process including shipping labels and invoices. We are proud to have developed a beautifully streamlined platform to drive sales and deliver a seamless customer experience for Danni Boutique customers.

Social Media

We worked with Danni’s Boutique’s with the goal of boosting sales and increasing interest on their social media accounts. With a new e-commerce store developed by our team, the boutique required a new tactic on how to fully take advantage of the widespread audience on social media to convert website sales.

Firstly, we created an extensive target audience profile for the boutique. We used a range of characteristics to get a full insight into which content their target audience will resonate with. From this data, we designed engagement strategies to incorporate into the sales campaigns.

We curated a range of campaigns to test and measure reactions from the audience and decipher which would lead to high numbers of website visitors and sale conversions. Through this process, we were able to develop a strong social strategy, which successful showcased their products and funneled the target audience on to the boutique’s website and become a paying customer.

The boutique contracted us for live posting in which we post during trending evening TV shows to really engage with audience during real life events, therein spreading the social awareness of the boutique’s account to relevant followers. This achieved a wide reach to potential customers and gained a large number of new followers.

Graphic Design

We built the boutique’s e-commerce website so we needed a strong brand profile for their store. Through our audience profiling stage, we were able to give the boutique a brand which made them stand out from their competitors and give them a professional, trend worthy profile. We kept their brand consistent across all of their graphics and built up a well known design for the company across web and printed materials.

We ensure that every design is influential with clear call to actions, ensuring that the target audience are encouraged to buy the advertised fashion.