Work. Rest. Play.

After a heavy few weeks in June, I was feeling burnt out. Everyone knows the feeling; when there’s a million things going on and you’re on tight deadlines. Thankfully, I had a dream holiday booked for Mexico at the beginning of July, meaning that I was able to work the long hours to finish my projects, create my handover and then move onto my long but peaceful 10-hour plane journey to finally cool off.

Now, I know a lot of people who feel as though they can’t take holiday’s because of a variety of reasons – they feel it’s unproductive, they don’t want to fall out of their daily grind or they feel like they should be making money, not out spending it on something which is only going to last a couple of weeks. Well having this mind-set is the absolute worst.

It’s extremely important that you make sure you give yourself some cooling off time, whether it’s a holiday, a long weekend or a weekly sport or art class – it all helps. There are a wide range of benefits of taking time to cool off, including:

Health – How do you feel after a day of sitting, slouched over your desk, staring at your screen all day? I imagine, like the majority of people, achy and decompressed – two of the worst feelings. It is also a well known fact that people who work 55+ hours per week are at a higher risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, insomnia and depression – I’d say not worth the extra few hours of glaring at that spreadsheet. Getting a few hours a week of relaxation can really increase your health, lower the chance of any work related illnesses and massively increase your productivity.

Family and Friend Time – Spending over 8 hours every day working can be a real drag on your social life – when you barely have time to eat your dinner, when are you going to be able to fit in a pint with your friendship group? Losing social time with your family and friends is something that is common with those who are trying to make it but something which turns out as a regret at the end of the road. So make sure you leave in a few hours a week for those important to you so that you can have some good quality time to interact with others.

Life organisation – The life of constant working can mean that your life goes at 100 mph. One day you’ve just started your project then in the blink of an eye, you’re a few months gone and all you’ve done is work, work, work (quote, Rhianna). Taking some days to sit back and relax can allow you time to review your current life and even work processes. For example, when I was in Mexico, I improved my life organisation, as well as, re-thinking the process for our social media management. So taking time out can not only benefit your own mentality but also your business.


In conclusion, taking time off is a necessity – whether it’s a two-week holiday, a bank holiday or a weekly club activity you go to. It will make you sleep better, eat better, improve your relationships, make you nicer as a person and make you more productive. So, leave some time for something you enjoy and keep on your grind!


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