Results With Lucy

Results with Lucy is the UKs largest online fitness provider who offer targeted fitness plans to the female population. They required an agency to develop their brand and awareness through the use of target digital marketing, landing pages and social media management. Our objective is to design extensive strategies to implement, test and develop while building brand awareness and customer community.

Social Media

With an existing following and significant brand popularity, we had the task of taking Results with Lucy from a well recognized brand, to a market leader.

Our biggest aim for the Results with Lucy social accounts was to create a community where the women who workout using the website would get all of the information and inspiration they needed. This meant that we had to generate relevant content to the industry, which would get people talking about the company.

Through various campaigns on social media, a significant increase in unique traffic continues, and we are achieving an outstanding organic reach. Results is another company who are socially excelling with the power of our live posting to generate excitement and engagement day by day.  With in-depth post analysis and monitoring, we can continue to strategise and implement consistent engagement.

Digital Marketing

In terms of digital marketing our objective is to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales of plans. Through a range of marketing channels and well planned strategies, we are achieving a huge number of conversions and are currently dedicated the highest proportion of marketing budget.

We have developed a social media and retargeting strategy which we continue to test, measure and build upon. We have been leading the brand into new audiences and overseas, by targeting many different demographics and testing new opportunities. The sales that we have achieved have come at an exceptional cost per conversion, meaning that the ROI is exceptional.

Our proudest claim is that we continue to convert site visitors into life long customers who previously didn’t have knowledge of Results with Lucy and who are now working out and eating well with Results online fitness plans.

Graphic Design

We started our graphic design work by enforcing a brand consistency throughout online banners, social images and printed media. This developed into a full company rebrand with the objective to align themselves as market leaders. Our designers implemented the newly rebranded RWL to deliver professional and inspirational designs to gain trust and credibility to their audience.

With the high number of graphics required on a quick turnaround we make this possible by maintaining a full brand asset folio – including brand colours, fonts and logos and client imagery – available for any of our designers to access, saving valuable setup times.

For Results we also optimise images for all necessary platforms, which includes formatting and compressing images, whilst retaining design and display quality. We have created a diverse range of graphics for Results with Lucy, including web and print graphics in all different sizes.

Website Development

Results With Lucy took another huge step forward in their journey when they began to make plans for the RWLStore. Our team were challenged with designing a new site with multifunction capability. The new site needed to manage high traffic, host the store and most importantly, describe RWL! Packed with information the RWL site is fantastically easy to navigate, full of amazing imagery and shares other girls success stories to help motivate individuals. The visual interaction boosts the actions made by visitors to the site, which RWL loved!

Results with Lucy have many seasonal, feature products and events. In order to market these successfully we worked to develop a number of micro-websites also known as landing pages. We understand that having a website isn’t simply to give your prospective customers a place to find out about you, it should be a tool to convert a visitor into customer, donator or community member. We strategised detailed customer funnels; focussing on specific content and carefully placed call to actions to achieve the different objectives for Results with Lucy’s landing pages. For the results team we created a microsite to promote a charity event, beach body programme and their new ambassador programme. All with different target audiences and different objectives but equally as exciting for our development teams.