Rayment Recruitment

Rayment Recruitment is one East Anglia’s leading recruitment companies and have been established since 1994, hiring candidates in a diverse number of industries. The company wanted to find new ways of attracting candidates to apply for their jobs and approached our team to expand their business online. We delivered a new professional website with integrated intelligent marketing and now service digital marketing and social media management.


Website Development

Rayment Recruitment wanted to modernise their way of attracting potential candidates and clients, and needed a complete website revamp to achieve this, along with updating their image and rebranding with a new logo. Rayment Recruitment required a responsive and google compatible website, and that is exactly what we gave them.

We delivered a clean cut and professional website which not only clearly demonstrated their market specialisms, but with the addition of a bespoke online job board, the new site gave Rayment Recruitment the opportunity to offer fast turnaround on advertising their client’s available posts, and real-time information for their prospective candidates. With an easy to use application process and job browsing facility, Rayment Recruitment have seen an immediate increase in the volume of prospective candidates submitting CVs to their website.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing was new to Rayment Recruitment they were achieving results in traditional methods with the hope of finding clients and people to employ, but it was time for change. We have implemented a new medium into the company with the goal of gaining relevant leads.

A lot of planning has gone into each advert for Rayment Recruitment due to the testing and measurement of job titles, industries, imagery and audiences; this meant that a new audience profile had to be created for every advert to ensure that we were getting only the most relevant candidates come through onto the website and submitting their CVs to the relevant job offers.

The results for the adverts are proving to be worth the extensive audience profiling as there were a large amount of CVs being submitted and for a very low cost per action, relating that the ROI is in favor of the recruiters and that the modern marketing has integrated well into the company’s strategy.

Social Media

Rayment Recruitment had social media profiles set up when we started their social media management but they never took full advantage of the potential for social reach. This meant that we were faced with building their accounts from ground up and ensuring a growth in the number of CVs being submitted onto their website.

We designed various engagement and job awareness strategies, which were aimed at lead generation; gaining clicks from followers to apply for jobs. We integrate our strategies with Rayment’s team who now support our efforts by engaging with their followers and searching for relevant phrases to be able to offer potential candidates jobs directly, allowing them to keep ahead of competitors.

Due to taking the company’s profiles over from a start-up level, we were required to build customer trust and to create a sense of professionalism throughout the social accounts. We succeed by posting relevant and well designed content, as well as, refreshing their profile imagery to ensure a consistent, professional design.