Midas Agency

Midas is a live music agency aiming to provide something different within the musical talent industry. They focus on developing their talent by introducing them to talent professionals and venues across the country. They required an agency to design their branding and develop a website which would ensure a professional first appearance and promote trust to prospective talent and music venues.


Website Development

As a live music agency, Midas were expressively passionate about maintaining a current and visually attractive online identity, which provides an interactive meeting point for both venues, music professionals and talent.

In opting for a complete new web design, we were able to strategise and develop a visually stunning site, complete with talent profiles, new artist application process and bookings forms. Midas’ new website is now able to facilitate high volumes of unique traffic and impress incoming traffic with a website which stands above their competitors. We worked hard to create the perfect funnel design, capture data and showcase talent. The result, a responsive, clean web design that is professional, and simple to use.

Graphic Design

As a music agency Midas required a brand profile to truly make them standout (in the spotlight)! When we met with the owners of Midas they described a cool, new way of working within the music industry. Midas wanted to be different, they had aimed at placing themselves out of the market of traditional methods and to do this they required a brand profile which would make that bold statement.

Our creative team met, as we do, to discuss how we could present Midas as an upcoming agency with a modern feel. We tested colours, marks and type to develop a design which would make a powerful statement. As you can see from the logo attached in this case study we went bold, and Midas loved it! The feedback was fantastic they loved how modern the branding presented and are now working hard to make the business what they’d hope for.