Lucy’s Boutique

Lucy’s Boutique is a well established fashion store who retail dresses and party wear to the female population of the UK. The boutique required a renovation to their online store and order processing. While developing their new web presence our marketing team planned on how to reach out to their market, rethink current interaction with customers and develop a digital marketing strategy for growth. We provide an all-round e-commerce and marketing solution to the boutique and are taking new marketing techniques by storm.


After the business had started to grow and become well established around the country from the increasing popularity of The Only Way Is Essex, Lucy’s Boutique needed a refresh of their e-commerce store.

The design of the store had become outdated and with the boutique appealing to a younger market the business wanted to have refresh on the layout, design and user experience for their new website.

The integrations and processes were no longer enough to cope with the level of service and number of orders. We wanted to ensure that the entirely new e-commerce store was easy to use and made the processes of online ordering a lot faster.

Integrating the new shipping system made a huge difference, from typing individual shipping labels for every individual order, to a two click system to print labels and invoices just like that. Hosting this entirely new system on this versatile platform allowed the business to upload products and information quickly and with no hassle.

The boutique is now working with our digital marketing team to expand their reach. This was made possible by our development of a future proof e-commerce website. We have implemented intelligent software which allows us to track visitors and deliver targeted marketing materials. Fronting a brand new marketing strategy for the boutique.

Mobile App

When completing the refresh of Lucy’s Boutique e-commerce store, the business wanted an app to encourage a deeper level of customer interaction. Integrating push notifications, one tap contact, social media integration and later, quick forms, meant that the boutique could use this app to engaged with their customers using from within their most used technology.

One integration we included that works perfectly for the location of the boutique was geo-fencing for offers, meaning that the app recognises those around the area and targets them with specific offers and promotions.

We worked with Lucy’s Boutique to strategise their new app into their existing marketing plan. Within no time they were able to effectively notify their customers of new products and promotions with the click of a button.

Digital Marketing

Lucy’s Boutique was new to all digital marketing before we began working with the team. This marketing stream proved to be an untapped medium which, with the right strategies, is now achieving a high ROI for the boutique.

Through various campaigns for certain product ranges, sales and more, we have vastly increased the boutique’s website traffic, number of sales and brand presence across the country. We have achieved this by targeting advert campaigns to suitable target audiences – which we created through audience profiling – who are likely to buy products from the store.

From this we curated an extensive digital marketing strategy to market fashion on social media channels, behavioral targeting platforms, websites and emails. This has converted many window shoppers into life long customers. Now when a customer visits Lucy’s Boutique they will find a stream of marketing which engages with them to encourage return visits.

We create detailed reports on digital marketing, allowing us to see the best selling products and where the boutique receive the highest ROI, allowing management to make informed buying decisions for future purchasing.

Social Media

Lucy’s Boutique with an existing large social following and awareness were not benefiting from customer interaction. This is where we embarked to increase the engagement and social popularity to generate a higher number of potential customers.

Firstly, we established a clear understand of the boutique’s audience profile to develop a starting strategy. We began with a wide range of campaigns and various engagement techniques to increase the action taken on the social accounts. We curated content which would resonate with the target audience and followers of the brand, and through these efforts we saw a large increase in the number of people engaging with the posts and clicking through to the website. This encouraged impulse visits to the site, establishing a great first customer interaction.

With the goal of increasing the number of sales on the site we designed quarterly strategies where we suggested new product ranges and sales to certain times of the year, meaning that the store was always up-to-date on the current trends influenced from social media. We incorporate this in with other engagement channels, such as their blog, so the store is always interacting with the target audience.

Graphic Design

With Lucy’s Boutique being a very popular fashion company, they required graphic design which made an impact and enforced brand consistency across all materials. We started with creating conformity within all of their current graphics. We later rebranded the boutique’s logo and colour to give the brand a younger feel for their market.

With the high volume of products that the shop push on their marketing platforms, there was a demand for quick turnaround graphics, these require a clear call to action and appealing design to encourage potential customer clicks. We regularly carry out image processing with professional background cutting and asset management services.

We have optimised our graphics for a wide range of materials, including all versions of website images, leaflets, shop tags and more. This meant that our team had to work to make sure the designs had the best look possible and were kept consistent across all platforms.