EatWell Deli

EatWell Deli is a food delivery service who provide an easy solution for people who don’t have the time to cook or who are unsure of what ingredients they should be buying to be fit and health. The company required an all-round solution which would reflect their originality and differentiate themselves from current market leaders. Our development team delivered a website and app for the future with product building and subscriptions. Our marketing team went to work on making them quirky unique and full of fun! Social campaigns, graphic design and print focuses on being unique and personal. All to match their delicious meals!


Creating and developing an online shop for Eatwell Deli required bespoke coding and many integrations. EatWell Deli offers subscriptions and one-off food boxes delivered to customers doors. Our objective was to ensure develop a user friendly ordering process and an equally friendly backend system for the team at EatWell Deli HQ.

After a full specification development working with the team to understand their full requirements and needs for the customers we were able to design a simple to use, advanced functionality to serve the unique business proposition.

We are proud to say we have developed a full solution for EatWell Deli and their customers. With custom box building, subscription services and questionnaires the site boosts a first class user experience.

Mobile App

As well as developing their online store, we quickly found that Eatwell Deli needed a quirky and fun solution to support their food delivery service. They required an intricate app to deliver customer specific information such as food recipes depending on the purchase and guidance with nutrition and advice.

With all of the in-depth information provided to the customer in leaflets and printed media it became confusing and difficult for the customer to follow, however, we developed the app and ensured that the customer can easily navigate through the information supplied.

EatWell Deli’s app is easy and simple to use; both front and back end. With a specific member log in an individual can access specific information to their purchased food box. This app quickly became the must have accessory for Eatwell Deli customers when they brought into quirky food solution, now they can easily communicate and engage with the EatWell Deli team.

Social Media

The ultimate goal of social media for the start-up of EatWell Deli was to build a following of the relevant audience who would share a keen interest in the products that were being offered. We achieve this by creating an in-depth audience profile and targeting campaigns at those demographics. We also implement certain features within the social media profiles which are aimed at increasing the retention of new followers. Through these strategies, we have built an interested audience, shown by the rising amount of relevant followers and interaction from those followers.

We ensure that the company’s social media profiles have a professional and original look to promote trust of customers important when businesses are starting up with small followings. Our goal was to ensure that the newly implemented profiles presented EatWell Deli as a well established company who could offer their customers high quality products, which would encourage them find out more and ultimately purchase products.

Graphic Design

EatWell Deli as a start-up business required a strong branding profile. We began using our detailed audience profiling and industry research to develop a brand which presented the business as a unique, fun and quirky proposition. With strong competitors EatWell Deli needed a brand which would leave customers wanting to find out more!

EatWell Deli as a marketing focused business required many graphics in all shapes and sizes! We design to be cost effective while maintaining the highest quality. We demonstrate this by designing base graphics which are then worked into smaller sizes whether it be leaflets, social, posters, banners or others. We protect brand consistency across all platforms, including web images and a range of print graphics to ensure EatWell Deli easily recognisable.